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The Rhodes Camp is a weeklong summer educational programme designed for high school students hosted on the island of Rhodes in Greece. Our camp aims to help students immerse in  the Greek culture while still being able to acquire important skills such as public speaking, creative writing, project planning, problem solving and leadership training. The Rhodes Camp is also proud to be a collaborative partner with the largest private school in Rhodes; the Rodion Pedia School. This flagship program will be hosted within the school site and around Rhodes Island. All students will benefit from our partnership with highly talented academics from Cambridge University, Boston College, King’s College London, University of Aegean, Université Paris-Diderot and the Philotimo Foundation.

Deadline of applications 30 June
Dates 29 July -5 August 2018
Age 15-18 years old
 Address of Camp/Location ‘Rodion Pedia’ Private school
Ilia Venezi, Ilioupoli
Rhodes 851 00
More information about the school.
Cost €950

includes: fee of the camp, entrances to archeological sites, meals, accommodation

Rodion Pedia

Why Rhodes

What makes Rhodes such a different place to most Greek islands? One thing is for certain, it is not just the long and beautiful beaches, or the 300 days of sunshine it offers. You can find sea and sand all over Greece.

Rhodes island offers its visitors a history that goes back thousands of years, to the age of mythology.

The beautiful myth of Rhodes says that after Zeus’s victory against the Giants, he decided to divide the Earth among the Olympian gods; the only god who received nothing was Helios, the god of the Sun.

According the myth, he was absent and “No one remembered to include him in the draw”! When he came back he demanded his share, but Zeus told him that he was not able to hold the draw again, because the rest of the gods would not agree to it. Helios was disappointed but asked Zeus and the other gods to promise that the land that was to rise out of the sea could be his.

As he spoke, a beautiful island – Rhodes – slowly emerged from the depths of the blue sea. Helios bathed Rhodes with his own radiance and made it the most beautiful island in the Aegean Sea.

The visitor can find monuments and evidence of Rhodes’ long history scattered all over the island, and in almost every place he goes, there is a piece of history and a myth to explore.