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Summer Camp


Greek Music

Get to know the style and instruments in Greek music, from traditional songs to Zorba’s syrtaki. A treasure trove of expression, with fans all over the world, awaits you.

Greek Dance

Island dancing in Greece is not a museum piece for historians. The dances are still performed today and are very popular among young people, as they are joyful, simple and exuberant. They are also a great way of keeping fit! The hosts of Rhodes Camp will introduce you to the dances of the island, not just through watching experienced dancers, but also by teaching you the steps and the rhythm.

Greek language

It’s all Greek to me! And yet, this phrase doesn’t describe reality. Greek is a language with a mathematical structure but with great freedom of syntax. It is easy for someone to learn some basic everyday expressions. The most interesting thing about Greek is its etymology. In an ancient language, spoken continuously in the region for at least 4000 years, the journey of a word, how it began and where it has ended up today, as a sound and a meaning, is an example of the evolution of thought and aesthetics. One more exciting journey for the participants in Rhodes Camp.